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Modern Boho Decor: 11 Tips That Show You How To Pull It Off

modern boho decor

Are you dreaming of upgrading your home with some modern boho-style decor? Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or just starting, there are several ways to make your house look chic and unique. With the correct design elements, achieving the perfect balance of effortless bohemian charm and contemporary luxury in any space is easy. From cleverly layered textiles to eclectic lighting accents, we have 11 tips that can help you create a stylish modern boho home that perfectly reflects who you are and how you live your life. So put away those outdated trends- it’s time to get creative!

modern boho decor

How do you style with Modern Boho Decor?

If you want to add chic boho vibes to your home décor, it is essential to focus on combining colors, patterns, and textures. Manage the boho decorating style by creating a statement wall with various prints, textured throws, and rugs that help ground the boho look. To ensure Boho captures a free-spirited atmosphere, choose pieces that feel organic such as handmade ceramics, distressed furniture, or baskets filled with bright beaded pillows. For an impressive boho vibe in your home, try picking a dominant color palette and styling up items of boho home décor with colors that complement each other, like navy blue and mustard yellow or mauve grey and blush pink. This will help pull together the boho aesthetic into your homeownership.

modern boho decor

What is modern boho decor home style?

Modern boho home style is the perfect choice for homeowners who want to imbue their space with an intriguing and stylish contemporary aesthetic. It is the latest version of the bohemian interior style that combines eclectic furniture, natural materials, textured furnishings, muted colors, and bold patterns to create unique spaces full of personality. This décor trend embraces a carefree vibe featuring vibrant colors and elements from various styles, allowing homeowners to express their creative flair. It is all about making commitments to personal expression rather than following strict rules regarding the design; the modern boho home style likes to walk the line between ‘making a statement and ‘carefully curated’ aesthetics.

modern boho decor

Include Modern Furniture

Many homeowners are looking to incorporate modern boho style into their homes. Bohemian home decor allows individuals to express their creativity while maintaining a sleek, stylish look. This style is perfect for the boho enthusiast who wants a trendy and modern twist to traditional aesthetics. It uses warm colors, plenty of prints, and various textures that give an elegant but understated look. By blending modern furniture with boho accents, your space will be transformed into one that encapsulates chic vibes and superior comfort. For those looking to explore unique boho-style furnishings, modern boho furniture staples are an ideal way to start!

modern boho decor

Use Vintage Pieces as Boho Decor

Have you been looking for ways to bring boho chic home decor style and energy into your home? If so, then consider using vintage pieces as boho decor. Incorporating vintage furniture and accent pieces create an inviting boho vibe with a unique charm that will make your home stand out. Whether it’s a pair of antique chairs to establish the living room or a farmhouse vintage sideboard in the dining room, these boho home decor pieces will take any space from dull to delightful. There are many creative ways to incorporate vintage boho accents, so don’t be afraid to get creative and make your home decor collection one-of-a-kind.

modern boho decor

Mix Colors with Patterns

Adding a natural element to your home can instantly transform a living space and bring the perfect bohemian vibe. Mixing colors with patterns is one of the most effective Boho decorating tactics, bringing interest and playfulness to any boho living room. From vibrant colors against natural tones to geometric motifs interlaced with subtle textures, having fun with colors and mixing various design elements can create an excellent educational, stylish interior. Bring balance to your living space by pairing bold colors with natural materials or soft neutrals for a unique, eclectic atmosphere that adds conversation-starting decor and vibrancy to your living area.

modern boho decor

Add Ethnic Accents

Homeowners searching for bohemian ambiance can look to ethnic accents to add a dash of global inspiration to the decor style. This is especially important for boho interiors because these designs often rely on ethnically inspired pieces to create that effortlessly exotic look. From African masks and Turkish rugs to Mexican furniture – ethnic accents offer an easy way of imbuing any space with a vibrant bohemian flair. Therefore, by thoughtfully incorporating various ethnic accents into their interior design plans, homeowners can achieve that bohemian aesthetic they desire and add a unique and special touch to their space.

modern boho decor

Opt for Natural & Raw Materials for Rustic Touches

For homeowners looking for an impressive bohemian living room, natural and raw materials can be the perfect addition. Adding rustic accents to bohemian interiors effectively creates a more relaxed boho space while also leaving a lasting impression. Incorporating vintage rugs, woven wall hangings, and wooden furniture pieces will add depth, texture, and character to the design, ensuring you achieve the bohemian look you’ve always wanted.

modern boho decor

Use Leather for modern boho decor

Leather is an excellent choice when considering bohemian interiors. This natural material enhances the bohemian feel in any living room while promoting a timeless and vintage atmosphere. The texture and vibrant hues that leather offers help to create an inviting boho space and can be used in various ways, such as designing bohemian-style sofas or adorning walls with decorative vintage rugs. Regardless of how it is used, leather will bring bohemian interiors to life with style and flair.

modern boho decor

Add a Touch of Green

Adding a touch of green to your living room can instantly transform the mood! Bohemian elements such as throws and floor pillows are great ways to add an impressive splash of color and texture. This is an easy way to give your home a more lively atmosphere, but it can also double as a functional and stylish décor piece. Try incorporating soft greens into your living room space for a bohemian look that draws any guest’s admiration.

modern boho decor

Balance Furniture Styles

When creating a visually pleasing, modern space with a dash of personality, careful consideration must be made when choosing furniture styles. Incorporating leather ottomans, bright colors, and an accent chair can balance the look and provide comfort. Comfort is vital in making a living room or office more inviting while keeping things modern. A leather ottoman can offer elegance while still providing additional seating. Bright colors can draw attention to certain areas of the room but should be balanced with subtler hues elsewhere. Finally, an accent chair gives value to the space by being an eye-catching centerpiece that pops among other pieces. Combined in strategic amounts, these elements provide harmony to any room design.

modern boho decor

Accent With Metallics

Incorporating accent pieces made from metal or having a metallic finish into your home decor can help provide an impressive finishing touch to any interior space. A metallic accent chair can add visual interest while adding small decor pieces with a shiny finish, like accent lamps or coasters in strategic places, which will draw the eye and make the room stand out. As such, adding accent items with metallics is a practical and stylish way to accentuate your home decor without breaking the bank!

modern boho decor

Tile With Abandonment

Jazz up modern pieces with the chic juxtaposition of tile and abandonment. Incorporating beautiful, modern tiles into a room adds texture and additional layers to the existing décor. By embracing modern pieces in an unconventional mix of abandonment, one can create a unique yet stylish look that is perfect for any current home. For example, one can modernize their space by accommodating tile with house plants and natural materials that evoke nostalgia and character. Tile with abandonment blends effortlessly with modern pieces and your favorite green friends for a polished look that works within any aesthetic.

modern boho decor

Dry out

Creating an inviting and comfortable home starts with focal points and neutral tones. For example, dry out fabric furniture by choosing simple colors such as beige and white that won’t compete with the focal point of a room. This helps to create both a visual depth and transformation depending on the focal point of any space. Light-colored wooden flooring and walls can also increase the visual effect of desired focal points, drawing the eye towards essential aspects like artwork. To bring a room together, choosing accents in shades of gray or brown can help to keep everything visually cohesive without becoming overbearing. By understanding how focal pieces, color schemes, and hues come together, drying your home will be much more accessible than ever!

modern boho decor

Video Guide: Modern BOHO Chic Interior Design style


There are myriad ways to style your home in the modern boho aesthetic. From incorporating vintage pieces to using metallics as accents, you can use many tips and tricks to achieve the perfect balance of bohemian and contemporary. Consider mixing and matching colors and patterns, opting for natural materials, and adding touches of green throughout the space. Also, try out decorations with different tables. You can quickly achieve your home’s coveted modern boho look with a little effort. Also, check out our other blog post on decoration designs for more inspiration.


What is modern boho decor?

Modern Boho, also known as urban Boho, is a popular variation of the always stylish bohemian style. Modern Boho infuses more contemporary elements like color blocking and geometric shapes while maintaining the spirit of traditional bohemian decor. Modern Boho combines modern, rustic, and eclectic styles to create an effortlessly chic look that appeals to any design aesthetic. With its mix-and-match approach to furniture and accessories, modern Boho can be easily adapted or changed depending on your style preference or room needs. Modern Boho is worth a try if you’re looking for a quick way to breathe some life into your space!

Is boho decor Still in Style in 2022?

Boho decor is a trend that has been around for decades yet remains as popular as ever. Boho’s signature eclectic style continues to look fresh and modern, regardless of the passing years. Boho decor has maintained its status in 2022, with its warm colors and boho-influenced fabrics gracing many homes. Despite the passing trends, the Boho style always stands the test of time due to its ability to be reimagined each season. Boho decor is easy on the eyes and wallet, making it ideal for those looking for an unusual yet cost-effective design approach in 2022. With Boho’s timeless style, this decor will remain a formidable presence in interior design for years.

Can Boho and modern combine?

Mixing mid-century with a bohemian style is an effort that is quite rewarding. A modern boho look inspired by mixing contemporary and traditional elements can create a visually pleasing aesthetic in any room. An inviting yet stylish space can be achieved by combining mid-century modern furniture with bohemian rugs, decorative plants, and vintage lamps. The soft tones of natural materials such as wood, jute, and cotton will bring warmth to the space, while geometric designs can add texture, depth, and visual appeal giving it the perfect finishing touches. This fusion between old and new will impress guests without compromising style and comfort.

What are modern boho colors?

Modern boho colors are a perfect mix of modern and natural elements. Yellow is a standard color in modern boho designs because it brings a warm, inviting feeling often associated with boho style. From deep yellow mustards to bright sun yellows, this warm color creates an inviting atmosphere with the different gallery walls. Browns such as dusty and tan also bring in an additional air of naturalness while creating an incredibly cozy environment. White can also be seen in modern bohos as it helps create a peaceful and calming vibe by providing balance to these lively colors. Greens and blues further enhance this mix of colors to produce more energizing and serene energy. Together, these colors used in combination give off the perfect modern-boho feel.

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